kitchen remodel La Grange ky

kitchen remodel La Grange ky

A kitchen remodel in La Grange KY allows you to achieve your dream kitchen. Professional companies such as Watt’s Home Center allow you to retain much of your investment.

Do kitchen remodels increase home value?

Remodeling typically increases the value of your home. This is not always the case for kitchens which contain appliances that drop in price over time.

A return on investment for a major kitchen remodel is up to 54 percent of the value invested. You can recoup up to $68000 on a project of $126000.

Are there circumstances where a kitchen remodel increases home value?

While it is not always possible to recoup the entire cost of your investment, there are circumstances where a remodel vastly improves your home value. Most homes in Kentucky are over 34 years of age.

That means that original kitchen fixtures are stuck in the 1980s and 1990s. Linoleum is no longer in style and detracts buyers, decreasing home value while older ovens rated for 15 years are nearing their expiration date even if replaced. In these cases, a remodel more than recoups investment.

Obtaining the kitchen of your dreams

A new kitchen can look extravagant. Stainless steel, hardwood floors, and the color you want are all attainable.

Watt’s Home Center carries countertops by Cambria, GE Appliances, and supple or intriguing cabinetry by Shiloh Cabinetry, Sole Design Cabinetry, Marsh Furniture Company, and Crystal Cabinet Works. Shed light on your new kitchen with the perfect lighting and let your parties come alive.

What are the benefits of a new kitchen?

New kitchens provide the means for you to show off your excellent cuisine or liven parties. Become the host that everyone wants to visit with a bespoke kitchen.

Whether you are looking for a look reminiscent of an older farmhouse or a chique style, Watt’s Home Center provides. Our bespoke kitchens are designed specifically for you.

Hiring a kitchen remodeler

Kitchen remodeling firms are the perfect launching point for your next project. Handling the minute details gives you peace of mind and an assurance that the project will succeed.

Nearly 15 percent of kitchen remodeling projects fail with poor materials, improper handling of electronics, and a lack of understanding regarding installation. Watt’s Home Center has years of experience getting projects done on time and on budget with architects and trusted contractors who share in our visions of quality and efficiency.

Kitchen Remodel in La Grange KY

Kitchens are a sanctuary where you eat, live, love, and make friends. You want to ensure that the centerpiece of your life is up to the challenge of serving you and your family.

Finding a remodeling firm means finding qualified contractors and firms capable of handling every aspect of your vision. Watt’s Home Center supplies top-of-the-line appliances, cabinets, lighting, and flooring with the experience to grant you peace of mind.

When you are ready to bring your kitchen to the net level, hire a firm with knowledge and experience. Contact our experts to set up an appointment today.

kitchen remodel La Grange ky
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